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Commercial Pest Control In Los Angeles, CA & Surrounding Areas

Securing Your Los Angeles-Area Business Against Pests

Keeping common Los Angeles-area pests out of your commercial facility is essential to having a well-run business free from pest damage, but making it happen can seem difficult. You have so much on your plate already that adding the hassle of pest control to your schedule can seem unattainable. Thankfully, with the help of Stealth Environmental, you can leave pest control to the experts.

As a family- and women-owned business with over 25 years of experience, we understand the needs of businesses and will work with you to create a pest control plan and schedule that works for your business. For the best commercial pest control in the Los Angeles area, Stealth Environmental is the company to choose.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Pest Control Service

When you call our office, we’ll take the time to talk with you about the problems you’ve noticed. By the end of our conversation, we’ll already have a handle on your active pest problems and a proposed solution to make your facility pest-free.

We understand that keeping your business open and running, as usual, is essential. We don’t interrupt your regular day-to-day operations but instead schedule a time outside of business hours to treat your property. Our treatments are tailored to your needs and the specific pests causing problems on your property.

Once the issue has been resolved, we’ll move to monthly re-treatments. This schedule protects your facility on a long-term basis so pest problems are prevented before they become an issue.

Facilities We Service


Your Homeowners Association has certain obligations to fulfill. Keeping harmful pests out of the neighborhood is one of those obligations. Let Stealth Environmental help.

Hospitality & Hotels

A good reputation is everything in the hospitality business. A pest infestation will damage your reputation and harm your business. Keep pests out with Stealth Environmental.


A pest infestation in your industrial facility will damage equipment and make it difficult to follow industry regulations. Keep pests out with the help of Stealth Environmental.

Medical Offices

You work hard to protect your patients’ health. Don’t let pests work against you by spreading diseases in your office. Stop pests by partnering with Stealth Environmental.


When pests get into your retail store, they can damage your inventory and cost you money. Protect your store and your bottom line with the help of Stealth Environmental.


Keeping students safe and protected is a big job, and it’s very hard to do when pests are running around your school building. Protect your students from pests with Stealth Environmental.

Reasons To Choose Us

There are many reasons to choose Stealth Environmental for your commercial pest control needs.

  • We have over 25 years of experience in the pest control industry.
  • We are customer service-focused.
  • We work around your business’s schedule.
  • We tailor our treatments to your needs.
  • We take the time to listen to your concerns.
  • We get at the root of your pest problems.
  • We provide timely service.
  • We use the latest in advanced technologies.
  • We employ experienced and knowledgeable professional technicians.
  • We have a solid reputation for superior customer service and satisfaction.
  • We are family-owned and operated.
  • We are women-owned and operated.

Personalized Service For Your Business

As fellow business owners with over two decades of business experience, Stealth Environmental understands the unique pressures that face businesses in today’s world. Our services are designed to take some of the pressure off of you by ensuring your business remains a safe, healthy, and pest-free environment. We’ll work with you to develop a treatment plan that is right for your business and safeguards it from pests. If you need commercial pest control, call for information and scheduling.

Learn how our team protects Los Angeles-area homes from pest infestations.

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